Kelly and Bryan, Cleveland Museum of Art Engagement Shoot

Kelly and Bryan! I photographed these two crazy kids two weeks before their November wedding. We met up at the Cleveland Museum of Art , to hang out and get to know each each other. 

They are so sweet together, and I could tell that Bryan LOVES cracking Kelly up... Kelly loves laughing and hugging Bryan- match made in heaven!

Fun fact- Kelly and Bryan have known each other for years! Bryan is Kelly's brother's best friend . Nate, Kelly's brother, brought Bryan over to the house all of the time. When they were little, Kelly and Bryan did not feel the love!  She used to beg Nate not to bring Bryan over because he was so mean to her !( Isn't that what  little boys do when they like a girl?)

They both realized they dug each other in college. The hardest part was telling Nate..... Who was thrilled BTW! Nate delivered the BEST  Best Man speech.... full of great stories about these two !

AND.... a sneak peek of these two childhood pals' wedding. Imagine giving them a crystal ball in the 1990's and showing them- Their wedding day, shot November 14, 2015.