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This week, I had the honor of photographing May's concert series for So Far Cleveland. So Far Cleveland is an event that hosts an ultra cool, top secret concert series each month all over the city of Cleveland. Each month's concert and venue is hush -hush and top secret. Fans are notified of the venue a few days before the event. Local and national acts perform in these very small places to a small audience. The lucky ones who get in are always in for an unexpected  and blow your mind kind of night. May's concert series was hosted in the Duck Den, someone's ultra cool urban loft apartment. The crazy coolness of this place was adorned by the thousands of rubber ducks decorating every surface of the place. So far Sounds embraced the duckies, and I found some serious inspiration in the little quackers. Below are some shots of the night featuring Jared Mahone, Dolfish Music, Maria Levitov and Counterfeit Madison 

So Far Sounds is an international movement, and Cleveland is lucky to be one of the host cities. Check out So Far Sounds to see if your city is a host city...

'Twas the Night of the Ducks and Fab Music in the Duck Den. The Crowd was in a festive mood...

The Duck Den!

The Duck Den!

Jared Mahone from Columbus, Ohio started off the night. He told some great stories of the road, recording in LA, and how he still searches for his sense of home on the road. His song California blew me away, and by the looks of it, the audience as well.


Next up was Cleveland's own Dolfish Music. These two brothers have a cool sound and vibe that is inspired by their Collingwood neighborhood. It's an up and coming hip neighborhood of music and art in Cleveland. The whole idea behind So Far Sounds is to create an atmosphere where all you here is the music, no distractions, cell phones, loud people and noisy bars to distract from the artist. Dolfish Music are masters of musical tales such as Madame Renee the fortune teller, horrible bosses, and what everyone wants to say at their own funeral. I loved this band!

Fun Fact, Dolfish will be playing this summer at the So Far Seoul series… Way to represent the CLE!

For the end of the night, we were treated to Maria Levitov and Counterfeit Madison. Two beautiful , and soulful women. Maria told us that she was on her way to a gig in Columbus, when she saw Counterfeit Madison playing on the street with a band. She vowed to play music with her, and the rest is history. Gorgeous sound from these ladies….

My first love is shooting live Rock and Roll shows, and it was a dream come true to shoot for So Far Sounds. I hope to be asked back again someday… Cheers!