Brittany and Nick, Cleveland Engagement Shoot

Meet Brittany and Nick…. they go together like peas and carrots ( to quote the great Forrest Gump). Brittany and Nick have known each other since high school. Just look at them, and you can see how happy they are to be together!

Brittany and Nick grew up in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Its the prettiest town, with a gorgeous waterfall and river running right in the middle of town! Both Brittany and Nick spent time falling in love around the falls. Nick even proposed to Brittany on the bank of the falls!

After the Falls, we ran around downtown and found some really cute places. I love the fun they have together!

The color red kinda became my inspiration for this shoot… Red- the color of Red Hots, Mike's Hot Tamale's , and of course L-O-V-E! 

Brittany is an amazing singer and performer, and Nick is obviously her #1 fan. I heard a little bird tell me she might perform with the band at her upcoming wedding… I'm so in the front row ready with my Canon!

Fist pump for awesome ! I was photographing them from the top of the walkway, as a crowd of 20 people waited patiently for me to finish. Before I walked away, I had the crowd start chanting "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss!" Brittany and Nick are such good sports…. the crowd gave them  a really loud ovation!

Take a peek at this GORGEOUS ring!

At the end, a sweet kiss in front of the Chagrin Falls Popcorn shop! I had so much fun with Brittany and Nick! I can't wait for the wedding!