Michelle and Aaron's Sweet Beachy Engagement shoot, Cleveland Engagement Photographer

Nick and I met up with Michelle and Aaron in one of Cleveland's gorgeous parks. This park  is a special hang out spot for the two of them... I was first struck by how cute the two of them are, Then I was struck by how much in love they are. They just naturally go together, when you see the two of them together, its just RIGHT. Genevieve and I just shot their wedding, and If you make it to the bottom of the post, I'll  share a sneak peek for you! 

Every self respecting Cleveland sports fan must have CAVs attire for an engagement shoot... 

After the park , we headed to Fairport Harbor.....beautiful! The people of Fairport Harbor must be pretty happy go lucky themselves, because I witnessed  the nicest graffiti wall ever. 

Told Ya!

Karen's Fave-  Peace and Love!  ( so, do you thing Michelle has a celebrity look a like? It hit me right away, Natasha Lyonne,  Nikki from Orange is the New Black.... I think Michelle is prettier.... shhhh)

Packing it up for the night, I was drawn to the fun lights in a store window... can't resist a photo challenge... 

Michelle and Aaron, you two are just the best, Im happier just being around you... Im so happy you choose me to be  part of your journey. xoxoxo

.... and a sneak peek... married!