Marisa and AJ's Big Italian Wedding! Cleveland Wedding Photographer

Meet Marisa and AJ. They had a gorgeous and chilly November wedding day! The fun and beautiful light cancelled out the cold as we celebrated with family and friends Italian style!

AJ's day started off with this little odd gem. After getting dressed, he put his hand in his tux pocket and found this- a snapshot of Bob and Sue from 1972. . AJ doesn't know these two crazy Photo Booth kids, but I decided they were extra good luck and guardian angels.

Marisa got ready in her childhood home, filled with family and littles running all over the place- first photograph of the day is this cutie and her aunt.

Marisa was glowing and gorgeous!!!

A tradition in Marisa's family, her dad puts a penny in all of his daughter's shoes on their wedding day.

While I was in the living room, I took a moment to look at all of the framed photographs of family and love that covered the walls. Im pretty excited to add some of my wedding work to the family collection! Just thinking about this, and how lucky I am to document such and important day in their lives made me a bit misty eyed... 

Ring Security- Im just leaving this here. I can't even take how cute these dudes were.

Gotta protect Nona aka Marisa's mom, can't you just see where Marisa gets her pretty from? 

Ahhhh Saint Rocco Church in Cleveland, a place close to my heart. I have spent many happy years teaching here myself!  It's one of the most beautiful old Italian parishes in Cleveland !

Ring Security is serious business- gotta get down that aisle fast!

Misty- eyed again, caught Nona's look in the camera...

Misty eyed times three- love AJ's smile when he sees her !!!!

Genevieve's view...

My view....

"Ring the Bells and wish them well"

Such gorgeous light!!!!


My favorite-

I can't even-

Special wine made by Marisa's dad.... ( it was  so delicious )

another  favorite-

Marisa and her father danced a beautiful waltz, that ended with a big chain of family and friends around them...

Time to dance with a big Italian band! So much fun!

Marisa and AJ, thank you so much for asking us to be part of your amazing day! The love and energy from your family was incredible! xoxox