Prayers From Maria Wine Festival 2016

I love my job. Besides shooting weddings, I am asked to shoot some amazing events in North East Ohio. One of my very favorite organizations to shoot for is Prayers From Maria. PFM is on a mission- to wipe out children's glioma cancers. Those are some scary cancers... and I can't wait to see that happen in my lifetime. Prayers From Maria was founded by two amazingly courageous parents who lost their own beautiful young daughter to this disease. Like the Sunflower that is the organization's inspiration, Prayers From Maria has grown and sprouted so many good things and helped so many research opportunities to end this disease. Every July, Prayers From Maria hosts a Wine Festival in Rocky River, Ohio. Its one of the highlights of Cleveland summer season! I am always so honored to photograph all of the fun moments of the volunteers, the joyful crowds, and the rocking bands. For more information on this amazing organization, please visit

Let's hear it for the volunteers and everyone who works hard to make this event a success!

My personal favorite, Yellow sunflower tutu man ! he's throwing prizes from the roof, and adding a touch of yellow awesomeness to selfies...

Everyone had a blast!

When the Sun went down, Billy Morris and the Sunset Strip, rocked the festival into the night. 

So much love and positive energy everywhere! 

Billy's view from the stage....

Maria's dad, Ed- leading the crowd through Twisted Sister's We're Not Gonna Take It... That's right, Children's glioma brain tumors... see ya!

see you next year! Thank you Prayers From Maria!