London Calling- Karen Menyhart Photography's dream session in London , UK

Here it is . My Magnum Opus.

Sounds pretty lofty, doesn't it? ( I'm not that lofty, I had to google Magnum Opus  to make sure I was using it correctly )

My baby girl.  Her Senior Session.  London, UK

Many of you know that I photograph weddings, but I also really love high school senior photography. I usually blog those sessions on my other site, . All of my brides and grooms know my daughter,  Genevieve, my right hand assistant. She works with me at every wedding. Its a joy and an honor to work with my daughter. This year, she graduated from high school. For the past 4 years, she has assisted me in hundreds of senior shoots. When we were planning her session, she told me . " Mom, I do not want to go anywhere that we have been to photograph a senior shoot". Which practically wipes out all of Cleveland and North East Ohio. Genevieve's favorite place in the world is London. It holds a special place in our hearts. As a surprise and a huge thank you to my favorite senior, I surprised her with a London Calling destination photo session.

Photographing your own daughter is challenging- I was viewing her through the lens as a subject and as my daughter-  Its intensely personal, and subjective.  I tried to shoot with the photographer's eye, but I am sure many of these have the Mom's eye. I want you so see the beautiful, intelligent and artistic daughter through my lens/eyes as well. Genevieve is starting Kent State University in the fall to study photography and video. I can't wait to see what she will accomplish. 

Day One- Jet Lag,  3 new Top Shop outfits and Piccadilly Circus at night in the Rain...


Day Two - London Eye, Westminster, Leeds Street Tunnel, Tower Bridge

Oh the crowds! Spring Break in London.... people everywhere... I gave up trying to shoot around them and embraced the maddening crowd...

Day Three-  St. James, Buckingham Palace, MillenniumBridge

The day it rained sideways, and then it stopped. Jumping in front of massive tourists, to do a rapid 5 second vogue in front of the palace gates, The Queen was in residence that day.

Thanks for staying to the end of this long post! God Save the Queen! 

AND... on the sly, camera turned on me...Tower Bridge and my fave from the B roll..