Marc and Brent's West side's Warm Fuzzy, and slightly spooky engagement shoot ! Cleveland wedding photographer

I just love Marc and Brent. They are so fun, hilarious, and so in love with each other. Nick and  I caught up with them on  the west side of Cleveland to photograph their engagement shoot and go on a silly, and slightly spooky adventure! 

They just radiate happiness.

And Gordon Square is just the best place to shoot!

Here's my favorite blue wall ....

Brent and Marc, can I quit my day job and hang out with you two all day?

I wish you could hear Brent's laugh.... Its sounds even better than it looks!

On a whim, while we were heading to Whiskey Island...we went by the Franklin Castle, one of Cleveland's most haunted and talked about places...( I visited there a few years back on a haunted halloween ghost tour ) . Its a place with rich history and fascinating stories of hauntings throughout the years. Marc was so excited to jump out, check out the outside, and snap a few photos... The Franklin Castle has always held his interest.... so  I said, "rafter you Raggy" in my best Scooby Doo voice.  A little ghost hunting and your honey go hand in hand!

Note, there might be something spooky here....  or just plain cheesy :)

Whiskey Island! At one time, Whiskey Island had an abandoned Coast Guard Station on it, now its run by the Cleveland Metro Parks, got a much needed facelift, and looks quite respectable now. I think its one of Cleveland's prettiest spots....

My favorite ! 

A warm fuzzy in the making..... wait for it........                                                                       ....almost.....................

....and DISCO! Warm Fuzzy! 

Hang around with these two long enough, and you will have warm fuzzys to spare.

I just love this photograph below... Marc and Brent were telling Nick the story of how they got engaged...( Its a good one, and they should tell it themselves, I can't do it justice..)  While they were telling the story, I put my camera on spy mode, and captured this. 

Marc and Brent , I  can not wait to be part of your wedding story in November !

 xoxoxo- Karen