Kelsey and Kyle's Cleveland Edgewater Engagement Shoot!. Cleveland Wedding Photographer

Meet Kelsey and Kyle.  Nick and I caught up with these two lovebirds at Edgewater Park in Cleveland. Such a pretty downtown lakefront treasure . Kyle asked Kelsey to marry him at this very park. Its a cute story, if you know Kyle, ask him to tell it :)

My fave place to shoot at Edgewater.... under the pier! These two good sports had to climb a huge obstacle course of rocks, but I think you will agree it was worth it!

Kelsey's shoes are the best.... I want them in the worst way...

Here it is ! The gorgeous ring and the very bench of the picnic table where Kyle popped the question! 

Seriously, they even snuggle cute...


and another...Favorite! 

This gorgeous sunlight was streaming in this beautiful little nook. A must have !  I almost cried with joy when I saw it! Crazy beautiful!

These fun Cleveland signs have become local celebrities in the CLE! These signs are hot ticket items! When we arrived, a huge line was already formed for photos. I was worried we would lose the light and the shot. A sweet Clevelander noticed it was their engagement shoot, and held up the line, and cleared the area to let us jump in.... gotta love my town! Everyone clapped... Cleveland Rocks! 

Kelsey and Kyle, you were so fun to work with! I can't wait to see you in June for your wedding! xoxoxo