Anne and Dave's Chilly Youngstown Engagement Shoot, with Sweet Hugs & Eskimo Kisses

Meet Anne and Dave, one of the cutest couples I know. We met and bonded over our love of artsy things and the director Wes Anderson. We are both HUGE Fans! I caught up with them in Youngstown, for an artsy and chilly engagement shoot in December.  First stop on the shoot, my friend's artist space in an old Youngstown Bakery. It was a dream come true. Not only did we get to hang out in Eric Alleman's amazing space, but I got to photograph a bit in it as well! Thanks so much Eric Alleman! I was so inspired by the space! 

Ahh Pablo Neruda..... so romantic.... Dave gave this book to Anne, and it took the relationship to the next level... Nicely Done Dave! 

Karen's Fave

This is why I love my couples- They will smooch by mailboxes - just because ....

And then the magic happened... I was obsessing over Anne's amazing sweater coat- It's perfection! 

Dave flipped up the hood, and the cutest Eskimo ever was born...

Anne, if you ever find this sweater missing, it wasn't me.... just sayin'

Off to other parts of Youngstown, and the pretty festive lights!

More Karen's faves- and that adorable hood! 

I can't wait for your July wedding Anne and Dave! maybe I could borrow that sweater sometime, hmmmm?;)  See you soon! xoxox