Crystal & Kevin in the Cleveland Botanical Garden , Love is in the air!

Ah Crystal and Kevin.... two love bugs in the Cleveland Botanical Garden. I met up with these two on a beautiful spring day. The gardens were in full bloom and showing off!

 As pretty as the scenery was, tons of people would slow down and give these two big smiles. You couldn't help but notice how in love they are.   They are naturals, and their joy is contagious . Nick and I kept smiling the whole shoot as well. Smiling behind the camera became my thing that  day.

Champion Cuddlers...

Cleveland Botanical Garden engagment shoot









They had so much fun on this shoot ! Karen's fave...

After the Cleveland Botanical Garden, we headed over to the Cleveland Museum of Art. The Wade Oval was in full Cherry Blossom Gorgeousness!

 Cherry Blossoms , consider yourself upstaged! 

Time for the Ohio State to come out....

Kevin and Chrystal 9.jpg

O-H-I-O !

if you are from Ohio, and go to any sporting event or wedding reception in Ohio, you do this with your hands. Its kinda mandatory.

Kevin and Chrystal 8.jpg

Kevin and Crystal, I just loved being around the joy and warm fuzzies! I can not wait for your June Wedding!  Stay tuned for more happiness and cuddles...