Marc and Brent, On Top of World, Cleveland Terminal Tower Wedding

I'm so excited to share this wedding with you Friends! I have been looking forward to this wedding for over a year and half! When Marc and Brent first asked me photograph their wedding back in 2016, I jumped for joy and counted the days. These two grooms are the sweetest and nicest guys I have ever met. Of course, they come from the nicest and sweetest families around.

It was a joy to spend the day with Marc and Brent and their entourage, photographing our way across the CLE!. If you missed their engagement shoot, check it out here. Its one of my favorites.

Now on the Wedding! Im going to just go ahead and put out my favorite one first. This photos says it all.... 

mark and Brent blog 22.jpg


Both Mark and Brent got ready with their parents in separate rooms at the Aloft Hotel in the Cleveland Flats.

brent and marc 5.jpg
brent and marc 12.jpg
brent and marc 14.jpg

Adorable parents have adorable grooms!

Both Marc and Brent gave a special gift to each of their parents . Marc surprised Maryann and Don with a framed wedding photo of themselves on their wedding day.

brent and marc 10.jpg
brent and marc 11.jpg
brent and marc 6.jpg


Brent surprised his mom Nancy with a mother and son Precious Moments figurine. She's quite the collector. 

brent and marc 7.jpg
brent and marc 16.jpg
brent and marc 15.jpg
brent and marc 9.jpg

Terry for the bowtie win!

mark and Brent blog 27.jpg
brent and marc 8.jpg
brent and marc 17.jpg


mark and Brent blog 7.jpg
mark and Brent blog 6.jpg
mark and Brent blog 29.jpg
mark and Brent blog 9.jpg
mark and Brent blog 30.jpg

Serious Cleveland goal- get married at the top of the Terminal Tower... How awesome is that?

mark and Brent blog 33.jpg

A few portraits before the wedding....

mark and Brent blog 28.jpg
mark and Brent blog 12.jpg
mark and Brent blog 11.jpg

The observation deck of the Terminal Tower. Joe Backer of Marry Me officiated a beautiful ceremony.

mark and Brent blog 32.jpg

Not a dry eye , (especially mine ) during the vows.

mark and Brent blog 15.jpg


mark and Brent blog 14.jpg
mark and Brent blog 31.jpg

Malley's Chocolate is a Cleveland institution. Brent and Marc have a joke between them, we are not getting married, we are getting Malley'd

Marriage and amazing chocolate? check.

mark and Brent blog 17.jpg

View from the top...

mark and Brent blog 16.jpg

On to the best day ever! all the family and friends here piled into a Mr A-1 trolley limo, took in the sights of Cleveland, and ninja photobombed our favorite. 

brent and marc 4.jpg
brent and marc 3.jpg
mark and Brent blog 23.jpg
mark and Brent blog 35.jpg
mark and Brent blog 39.jpg

Beautiful Besties Bridesmaids...

mark and Brent blog 19.jpg
brent and marc 2.jpg

" The Hollywood Kiss "

mark and Brent blog 24.jpg
mark and Brent blog 21.jpg
mark and Brent blog 37.jpg
mark and Brent blog 25.jpg
mark and Brent blog 36.jpg

Marc and Brent, thank you for one of our best day's ever in Cleveland! Genevieve and I had so much fun! We kept looking at each other and grinning the whole day. Thank you for a wedding I'll never forget! xoxox 



BEHIND THE SCENES.... I had to jump  in one...

mark and Brent blog 38.jpg

Genevieve on the lookout for the groom's first look- no one's getting passed her! We made up a silly bird call to use when the coast was clear. This is her face when I suggested we use it