Jack Bradley In Lorain, Ohio -Cleveland Photographer

Meet Jack Bradley. He's running for Lorain County Domestic Relations and Juvenile Judge on May 8th. 

Jack and Company invited me out to this office on a cold day in January for a wonderful session to update and add some new images to his campaign website. 

 I loved this new challenge, and it was really fun for me to be part of his campaign trail! There were so many wonderful photos from this session, so Ill only show you my very favorites. You are a natural in front of the camera , Jack!

Jack Bradley 20.jpg
Jack Bradley 11.jpg


Everyone who meets Jack gets treated to his big smile. It was fascinating to photograph him in his element, so many interesting things and memorabilia to look at!

Jack Bradley 5.jpg
Jack Bradley 19.jpg
Jack Bradley 6.jpg
Jack Bradley 16.jpg

Karen's favorites ....

Jack Bradley 7.jpg
Jack Bradley 8.jpg

And.... winner.... my personal fave!

Jack Bradley 9.jpg
Jack Bradley 17.jpg
Jack Bradley 12.jpg
Jack Bradley 10.jpg

Being the wedding photographer I am, I just had to have his wife Deborah in the session. They have such a beautiful history and wonderful chemistry together....

Jack Bradley 21.jpg

Here's what 40 years of marriage looks like.....

Jack Bradley 22.jpg

Jack and Deborah are really proud of downtown Lorain, and wanted to make sure to feature it. They have some serious roots here...

Jack Bradley 23.jpg

The palace Theater is a Lorain Icon. Jack and Deborah had many dates here in high school.

Jack Bradley 13.jpg
Jack Bradley 14.jpg
Jack Bradley 26.jpg

Another fave! Jack's laugh is contagious!

Jack Bradley 25.jpg
Jack Bradley 27.jpg

Best of luck to you Jack!  You are such an asset to your community!

Jack Bradley 28.jpg