Erica and Kim's Epic Rainy Day Wedding

Hi friends! Thanks for visiting the all new site! Ive been holding off on blogging a ton of my 2017 weddings, saving them for the new format, so Im starting with a big one. Today's Bride just featured their wedding on the Real Weddings page, and you can check it out here.

Erica and Kim- two amazing brides with smiles for miles and love and enthusiasm on the rainiest wedding day I have ever covered...... It poured buckets, and was nighttime dark at noon. It was one of those weddings when people, say to themselves ,"poor bride", and to the brides" Wow! you have a ton of good luck on your wedding day "! I didn't need to cheer up either Erica or Kim, because they were radiant, they were in love, and they were marrying their best friend.... and there were tater tots at the end of the night, the  game was on .... and we had one of the best weddings ever!

Erica and Kim 15.jpg

Starting off with one of my favorite photos of 2017. Colossal Cupcakes was right around the corner from the 5th Street Arcade where we were shooting, and I popped in and asked to use their adorable couch for my brides. I think its a picture perfect Barbie moment, and Kim and Erica were all about it! Thanks Colossal Cupcakes!

Kim- Kim got ready at Chibreo Italian Kitchen

Erica and Kim 8.jpg
Erica and Kim 7.jpg

Erica got ready at the Crowne Plaza..

Erica and Kim 12.jpg
Erica and Kim 1.jpg
Erica and Kim 17.jpg
Erica and Kim 29.jpg

She's a nut, BTW

Erica and Kim 30.jpg

First look had Gen and I crying happy tears along with them...

Erica and Kim 13.jpg

Exhibit A - rain downpour, we needed Noah to pick us on on the Arc

Erica and Kim 14.jpg

Bridal Portrait time - who cares about the rain?

Erica and Kim 32.jpg
Erica and Kim 9.jpg
Erica and Kim 33.jpg
Erica and Kim 34.jpg
Erica and Kim 16.jpg

Exhibit B... :)

Erica and Kim 18.jpg

Wedding at Chibreo Privato 

Erica and Kim 19.jpg
Erica and Kim 2.jpg

Grandma for the win!

Erica and Kim 3.jpg
Erica and Kim 20.jpg
Erica and Kim 21.jpg

The best toasts, the most wonderful stories from parents...  Karen is crying again...

Erica and Kim 5.jpg

Party!!!!! Cleveland Music Group kept it going all night long!

Erica and Kim 4.jpg
Erica and Kim 22.jpg
Erica and Kim 23.jpg

Tator Tot time! and an outfit redesign for Erica, styled by me. In case you are wondering, heck yes Gen and I were fed those delicious tots!

Erica and Kim 26.jpg
Erica and Kim 27.jpg
Erica and Kim 11.jpg
Erica and Kim 24.jpg
Erica and Kim 10.jpg
Erica and Kim 6.jpg

The weather held off just enough for us to shoot the iconic Playhouse Square Chandelier.

Erica and Kim 25.jpg

Gen and I witnessed such a beautiful wedding, and I am so happy to call these two my pals today.

Words of advice, embrace the rain, and marry the love of your life. She's all the sunshine you need on that day!