September 19, 2018

Happy 1 year Anniversary Brian and David! Carlingford, Ireland wedding

Hi friends! Here is a fabulous love story for you! Brian and David, married one year ago in Carlingford, Ireland , August 25th, 2017. This wedding was a crazy fun sane sex wedding, and incredibly different, and yet remarkably the same.

The yellow tie groom is Brian, his husband is David ( in the blue tie ) Brian was a dancer in the Las Vegas production of Lord of the Dance. Brian and I have a bestie friend in common, Rebecca. Rebecca also danced in Lord of the Dance. One day at the gym, Rebecca mentioned how happy she was for Brian, and that she was headed to Ireland that year for a wedding. She told me about Brian and David, and I asked her to send them my website. These two took me on, and I got to photograph my first destination wedding and dream wedding at the same time! Just look at these two… such happiness!

Brian and David got married in the Ghan House in Carlingford, Ireland. Carlingford is a little seaside tourist town in Ireland.

Getting ready at Ghan House….

The ceremony was in The Heritage Center, located on the back of the property, it was so gorgeous! When Brian and David walked in together, all of the wedding guests stood up and cheered. So much happiness and love!

Brian surprised his husband David with a poem that he wrote. You can read it yourself at the end of the post. ( Its a good one )

Brian’s nephews were the cutest ring bearer’s ever…

A beautiful sand ceremony from both sides of the family…

This wedding ceremony included the signing of the marriage document…

I just fell in love with all of their parents… such wonderful people!

The pronouncement of Husband & Husband! The officiant was crying happy tears, the friends were cheering, and I had to shoot through some serious tears of happiness as well. One of the most touching ceremonies that I have witnessed!

Back to Ghan house, were I just had to document that there was a fire in August. It was a chilly 45- 50 degrees that day! No one seemed to mind…

All american weddings should include hats – we need to make this a law right now…

Brian’s sister Claire and her darling boys and the picture perfect bridal party!

David’s mom in her gorgeous hat!

We took a little time in between for photos…. Ireland you are so gorgeous!

I don’t know what I would do without Ciaran, the best Master of Ceremonies.. and a true helper at the wedding… He gets the honor of ringing the dinner bell to call the guests to the tent.

The lovely wedding decorations… a beautiful white tent, Burlap ( which the Irish called Heisean ) and check out the fun and original seating chart. Brian and David pulled all of the guests pictures from Facebook and made tiny little portrait markers. The tables were named after fun drinks.

Irish wedding toasts last well over an hour- everyone had tears running down their face from laughing , and tears from the touching tributes, especially me.

Of course we were treated to a Lord of the Dance performance, and some amazing solo Irish Dances…

The end of the night with the grooms dancing to Bruno Mars – I think I Wanna Marry You !

I heard the wedding lasted until past 4 am, but I was was “stick a fork in me done” by 1 am… 🙂 Thank you Brian and David, for this once in a lifetime experience, and its been wonderful reliving it.

Please read Brian’s beautiful poem below…

xoxo- Karen

ps- this shot had me hanging out of the top floor house, with Nick holding on to my Holdfast Straps- and yes, they lived up to their name!


By : Brian mc Enteggart

Life is full of Waiting,
It’s boring and mundane,
Waiting takes some patients,
So you don’t go insane.
Waiting I have heard you see,
It wastes a lot of life,
That’s why I’ve chose you for me,
Your better than a wife.
Waiting for the bus to come,
Or for a pot to boil,
Many still are waiting,
Six feet beneath the soil.
Waiting for the seasons,
Your team to win the cup,
Waiting for our naughty dog,
To grow from being a pup.
Waiting for our children,
To strive and make us proud,
Then thinking oh my god they’re ours,
Sit down, you are far too loud.
Waiting on Exam results,
And wanting not to fail,
Waiting to grow old with you,
When hips and knees are frail.

Waiting for your wages,
To help and pay a bill,
Waiting for your hair to grown,
But knowing it never will.
Waiting for you country,
Like a gift sent from above,
When Ireland took a yes vote,
Allowing all to love.
Waiting for the right guy,
Who laughs at all your jokes,
He bakes as well, oh holy hell,
He wants to meet my folks !
Waiting for forgiveness,
When tiffs and quarrels rise,
Just realise I’m always right
You can see it in my eyes.
Waiting for the memories,
Today will surely cause,
Grateful to the people here,
For sharing their applause.
You see….
The things I’ve learned from waiting,
I know you will appreciate,
I say I do, from me to you,
You were really worth the wait.


  1. brian mc enteggart says:

    What an amazing memory to have from an amazing day Karen, Thank you for this and thank you for capturing our most favourite day ever ! your expertise and experience was fun and effortless!

    Come back anytime you like ,

    Le Gra (with love)

    Brian and David

  2. Danielle says:

    ? I feel like I was there! Such beautiful photos and the poem ?

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